Body Contour São Paulo



Have you ever thought of a meeting shaped as an awesome course? “Body Contour São Paulo” is precisely that. Here, different subjects will be explored thoroughly during each annual edition of the event, enabling participants to be truly immersed in the latest topics related to body contouring.

Gluteoplasty and Posterior Contour: from Theory to Practice

This is the main subject of the first edition of our course. The entire back view of the body — back, love handles, calves, buttocks, saddlebags and thighs — will be studied and discussed with specialists. The program will also include talks on body implants such as biceps and male pectoral implants, among other topics.

A New Format for Scientific Events

The course format provides instructors with extra time to tackle the subject in a more educational and didactic way, using videos, listing technical details, tips and tricks, exposing the learning curve and offering advice to beginners.

A Fully Interactive Event

This is a fully interactive program featuring active moderators who, discreetly yet efficiently, will make questions and discuss with the speakers during presentations, enhancing the educational value of the lectures. Wi-Fi is available, taking interactivity to another level and enabling the audience to use their phones to ask questions.

Selected Lecturers

Instructors have been handpicked from among the most renowned in the world, putting together a specialized team of professionals who will share their experiences in a clear and expository manner.

Language / Idioma


Raul Gonzalez, MD

Convidado de honra:
Prof. Ivo Pitanguy

Professores e convidados:

Professores e convidados:

Jean F. Pascal (FRA)
Constantino Mendieta (USA)
José Horacio Aboudid (BRA)
Felmont Eaves (USA)
Jeffrey Kenkel (USA)
Celso Bohorquez (COL)
Sadri Sozer (USA)
Joseph Hunstad (USA)
Grant Stevens(USA)
Rafael Vergara (MEX)
Marcelo Robles (ARG)
Francisco Agullo (USA)
Fernando Serra (BRA)
Sergio Levy (BRA)
Ewaldo Bolivar Souza Pinto (BRA)
Daniele Spirito (ITA)
Osvaldo Saldanha(BRA)
Richard Abs (FRA)
Luiz Haroldo (BRA)
Carlos Roxo (BRA)
Fernando Mauad (BRA)
Javier Vera Cucchiaro (ARG)
Gabriele Miotto(USA)
Gerardo Flores (CRI)
Farid Hakme (BRA)
Nicola Menichelli(BRA)
Pedro Alexandre da Motta Martins (BRA)
Jose T Gama (BRA)
Patricia Erazo(BRA)
Ivan Abadesso ( BRA)